Being your Self at work

Andy Tabberer
1 min readFeb 12, 2020


What is Self in the context of the workplace?

It is a multi-dimensional thing, as are you. The power of ‘Self’ transforms adjectives into personal standards, a higher calling. It also represents our darker side, the reflection in the mirror we cannot face.

Being your Self at work is the platform to being productive within a team. It is the self portrait we share, and we accept others and theirs. Self possession over self consciousness. We take off our masks.

Self collaborates through cooperation, from solitary to gregarious. Self space gives way to safe space where we plant the seeds of self organisation.





It is the present, too. But is it lost without the anchor of self discipline – it unravels and disconnects. It founders without self knowledge – we accept and understand the bounds of our rationality. It recognises our intrinsic motivation so others can see us for who we are. The Self should never be served, however. Acknowledge that we directly and indirectly influence the decisions others make.




Self restrains the ego, it reflects. Together, they sail the sea of self correction. Our inner compass set to a new true North, rightness. Self becomes the whole, not the sum of our parts. It regulates through feedback, seeking and giving. Balancing, reinforcing.

Through self determination we take control of our self. We nourish and cultivate our emotions, behaviour and thoughts. I/We/You grow, becoming self sufficient. We help others to/too.


Self mastery.







Andy Tabberer

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